Will Smith has a new memoir called Will that reveals quite a lot of about his life, marriage, kids, and career including ‘feeling jealousy over Jada’s connection with Tupac’.

In one of the many stories he tells in this book, he recalls a time his mom caught him having sex with his high school girlfriend in the kitchen.

He said, “And wearing slippers far too quiet to defend her delicate sensibilities, she approached the threshold of the family kitchen. Still innocent, she flipped the light switch as she had done tens of thousands of times before. But this time, her eyes landed upon her eldest son and his girlfriend deep in throes of reckless lovemaking.”

He continued, “I’m still not exactly sure why I did what I did that night. To this day, I have no idea what I was thinking. Of all the experiences I am sharing in this book, this is the individual moment of personal behavior that makes the least sense to me.”

What has your mom caught you doing that you were embarrassed about?

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