Ne-Yo’s Baby Mama Accuses Singer Of Being ‘Junior Diddy’ On IG Live

Recently, Ne-Yo was called out by the mother of his children on Instagram Live, and she revealed that he brings strange women and drugs around their kids. She accused him of having ‘freak-off parties’ and bringing strange women around her children. She said, “Tell them about the freak-off Diddy Jr. You know what you did, you body slammed me on the floor.” She continued, “Remove me. Why why? Because commotion. How did the commotion start? What did we talk about? What did I ask you.” She added, “Everyone has asked him to stop, but he will not listen to nobody. This is what’s going on; this is the tea. While the kids are in the house, I asked him not to bring the b*****s in the house. I even came over here to help these f**king kids cause he won’t watch these kids.”

Have you ever gone on Instagram Live during an argument with your significant other? What happened? Do you regret going live?