Usher Shares Emotional Song ‘I Cry’

Usher has released a new song called, “I Cry.” The song, once unfinished, found new life as the death of George Floyd swept the nation, and protests across the country erupted.

Usher says the song came to mind as events unfolded and he was reminded of how he had been taught to be “tough” and not show emotion. “This song was inspired by wanting to teach my sons that it is OK for a man to feel emotions deeply and to cry.”

Usher says he became depressed and felt, “the wider universal feeling of hopelessness,” and thought about, “all sons who have lost their fathers to police brutality, social injustice, and violence; the daughters and mothers too.”

This moved Usher to finish the song, he recently joined Black Lives Matter protests in Atlanta and has been vocal about social injustices. Usher also previously teamed up with Tyga on “California.”

What do you think of Usher’s new song, “I Cry?”

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