Usher Interrupts His Las Vegas Show To Give Queen Latifah Her Flowers

Queen Latifah recently had a birthday, so she went to Las Vegas to see Usher perform at his residency. But the R&B singer had a surprise for the pioneer of Hip-Hop that she didn’t expect. Usher stopped his show to pay tribute to the groundbreaking rap star by blasting her anthem “U.N.I.T.Y.” from the speakers while giving her a beautiful bouquet of roses and a gift. The audience gave Latifah a standing ovation as Usher gifted her flowers before returning to the stage to blow her a kiss. Queen Latifah recently launched her Queen Collective short film series. The actress/director partnered with P&G and Flavor Unit Entertainment to deliver a six-part series featuring films from women of color.

Which artist do you think deserves their flowers? Who do you think is being overlooked?