Many people think because you are a celebrity your life is always great. When you read tabloids and news stories you actually find out  more celebrities are dying from self afflicted wounds. From drug over dose to even hangings. Many of them are going through Depression and Anxiety. Rapper Big Sean decided to talk about his dealings with Depression and  Anxiety. He told sources that last year he was not feeling like himself, so he stepped back from everything he had going on. He stated somewhere in the middle of it all he felt lost and didn’t know how he had gotten there.  He then realized he needed a good therapist and someone spiritual to talk to. They told him clarity was missing from his life and that caused all of the anxiety. Not being able to focus and not understanding why, caused him to go into depression. Sean says Depression is a silent killer and  sometimes goes unnoticed. He also said after being diagnosed and getting the proper help he is now making the best music of his life. I didn’t notice anything different about Big Sean, but glad to know that he is doing well.