NRATV Host Has a Meltdown Over Childish Gambino’s This Is America Winning a Grammy

NRA TV host, Grant Stinchfield recently discussed Childish Gambino winning a Grammy for his song “This Is America,” he compared the video to an “ISIS video” that was shot in a “Syrian warehouse.”

And Stinchfield didn’t stop there, he went on to say that he believed that Gambino won the Song of the Year award because his song was “anti-gun” and says that it was the Grammy committee that liked the song, not the public.

The NRA host then went on to say that minority on minority crime was the real problem and that that type of violence gets little or no attention in comparison to mass shootings, which Stinchfield says “gets wall to wall coverage”

End the end the host says that shootings, whether in the black and brown neighborhoods or in suburbia, are bad but he believes guns aren’t to blame, people disregard for life is.

What are your thoughts on Stinchfield’s statements? Do you think This Is America should’ve won Song of the Year?

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