A lot of people are talking about Madonna and her botched booty job. With all of the doctors out here doing But lifts and implants it seems like Madonna could afford a doctor that would have done it right. She appeared on an award show last year and it appeared as if her booty had fallen, so I guess she went to get a lift.  Most people are making this such a thing to do now that many women are now feeling like you are not on top of things if you dont have a large BOOTY. I guess Madonna felt like it was the right thing to do. Doctors who do these surgery’s even posted about how Madonna got  bad rap on her BBL. There is a show on TV called BOTCHED most of the post and comments suggest that they bring her on the show to get it fixed. My thing is how does she not see that it is not right? I blame this whole mess on Kim Kardashian.

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