Louis Vuitton Removing Michael Jackson-Themed Clothing From New Collection Following Leaving Neverland

Louis Vuitton says they are removing its Michael Jackson-themed clothing from its new collection after the backlash of the HBO documentary, Leaving Neverland. The collection debuted at a fashion show in January and featured 65 pieces that had elements of Jackson, including a T-shirt with his infamous dance shoes on the front.

Artistic director, Virgil Abloh, said he doesn’t condone “any form of child abuse, violence or infringement against any human rights.” Abloh said the intention was to focus on Jackson’s public life and to celebrate his influence.

The collection had other inspirations besides Jackson, those pieces will still be released to retail stores. A spokesman for Louis Vuitton said the allegations in the documentary were “disturbing and troubling” and the company was unaware of the documentary prior to the fashion show.

Do you think Louis Vuitton did the right thing with pulling their Michael Jackson-inspired clothing?

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