Kandi Calls LaTocha ‘Corny’ For Clowning Her Xscape Vocals

Xscape drama never seems to end, does it? Kandi Buress isn’t ever really in the mood to put up with anything petty, and especially not from bandmate LaTocha Scott. Her Xscape group mate clowned her singing and it didn’t land well. In a clip posted to Kandi Online, the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star says, “You are trying to clown a person’s voice, whose voice, is leading on half the hits that is your claim to fame.” Kandi continued with, “The same voice that has accomplished more than you.” Both Kandi and LaTocha are currently starring in ‘SWV & Xscape The Queens Of R&B’ on Bravo.

Which group do you love more, SWV or Xscape?