Diddy was on The Breakfast Club and the conversation turned to artists accusing him of taking money from them and specifically they discussed Mase. Diddy said, I never took nothing from nobody a day in my life. Charlamagne asked how did the narrative start that Diddy steals from his artists? Diddy said, you gotta run this hustle to try to find someone to blame. We are going to do a retrospective with all the artists and get this narrative clear. Diddy said he did one album with Mase. Then he became a fake pastor and went and conned people and you let him throw dirt on my name.  Mase owes me $3M that’s facts I have the receipts. Anybody who thinks I owe them show me the receipt you get paid in 24 hours. Has someone ever lied on you? What lengths did you go to prove your innocence?