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It is being reported that Kevin Samuels, infamously known for giving out relationship advice on Instagram, has passed away.

No official word from family members.

A woman who is a nurse claims she called for medical attention after the two spent the night together.

Kevin had been complaining about chest pains before passing out.

Kevin was 56 years old.

Kevin was known for his no-nonsense relationship advice.

Woman Who Purportedly Was the Last Seen With Kevin Samuels Speaks Out…

When Kevin Samuels died he was with a woman by the name of Ortencia Alcantara.

She is a nurse and she is the one who called for help.

When officers arrived she told them she met Kevin the night before and spent the evening with him.

The next morning he complained of chest pains and she tried to help him but he was too weak and collapsed.

She was able to revive him to a ‘responsive’ state until medics arrived and took him to Piedmont Hospital.

Once people found her on social media they accused her of ‘foul play’ and ‘clout chasing.’

She wrote on social media, I am a humble six-figure woman from the Midwest. No need for a one-night stand. My family and close friends know I’m a good person. People are evil but sending love.