Burberry Apologizes for Noose Knot Hoodie

Burberry is yet another fashion house in damage control mode after a hoodie with strings tied like a noose made its way onto the runway at London Fashion Week.

It all started when model Liz Kennedy was asked to walk the runway and became upset after seeing the hoodie. She then went on Instagram and said that the hoodie would spark controversy about lynchings and suicide.

Apologies for the hoodie have already been released by Burberry’s CEO Marco Gobetti and by the brand’s creative director Riccardo Tisci who says the design was “inspired by a nautical theme, but now realizes that it was insensitive.”

This flub comes after Gucci faced backlash for releasing a sweater that covered the face but resembled blackface.

Do you think that an apology is enough from Burberry? Will you boycott Burberry after this fashion faux pas?

TMZ caught up with America’s Next Top Model star, J Alexander to get his comments on Burberry’s choice of upcoming fits. Totally gonna agree with him


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