50 Cent’s Oldest Son Offers $6,700 to Repair Their Relationship

50 Cent’s eldest son, Marquise, wants to mend their relationship, and he’s offering 50 one month of child support in exchange for some quality time. Marquise Jackson has been getting clowned on social media for professing that $6,700 a month wasn’t enough to take care of him. He even went as far as to recreate his father’s infamous “Broke” IG post where he spelled the word out with stacks of money; Marquise wrote out “Entitled” with his cash. 50 responded to Marquise’s request for QT in exchange for the cash with a clip from “Power,” where 50 portrays street gangster Kanan. 50 posted the scene where he kills his son…it’s safe to say 50 isn’t up for Marquise’s challenge. Do you want to mend the relationship with your parent? What caused you to fall out? Are you willing to call them to make amends?