Will Beyoncé’s New Songs Be Played On Country Radio? One Station Says Not Yet

Despite being country songs, Beyoncé’s recent hits “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages” have not been played on some country radio stations despite their popularity. “We do not play Beyoncé on KYKC as we are a country music station,” general manager Roger Harris wrote in response to a fan’s request that Oklahoma country station KYKC play “Texas Hold ‘Em.” The response quickly went viral after it was shared on social media on Tuesday, inspiring the Beyhive to take action and call on the station to change its tune. S.C.O.R.E., the station’s parent company, clarified to Entertainment Weekly (EW) that Harris was unaware of Beyoncé’s shift to country music. Harris emailed EW that they responded to the request as they would for a Rolling Stones song on their country station. KYKC announced on its X account that “Texas Hold ‘Em” would debut on the station despite not having the song yet. Harris explains that they were targeted in a campaign to add the song, so they added it to the playlist upon receiving the file.

Should Beyoncé’s new country music be played on country radio?