Wendy Williams is “Scared” She’s Losing Her Show (I hope not – love her)

Shamara and Wendy Williams

I wish nothing but the best for Wendy Williams who I’ve known for most my career. We used to work together in Philadelphia. I remember bumping into her years later at an event she had and she surprising looking at me and said, “Shamara”

Wendy WIlliams & Shamara

Wendy Williams Is “Scared” She’s Losing Her Show

According to various sources, Wendy Williams is afraid that she’s going to lose her daytime talk show.

Wendy has been absent from the show since December for many reasons and rumors are she isn’t too happy about the great job her replacements are doing in her absence.

“She’s super scared and anxious,” says an insider. “Watching Nick Cannon being a huge hit with her audience is tough for her. They’re starting to mess with the format. It’s like watching them screw around with her baby.”

There have been many assumptions made on why Wendy has been absent, but the source says, “she’s in no state to return anytime soon.”

Do you think Wendy will return soon? Do you think Wendy is really nervous that she’ll lose her show? Do you like Wendy’s show better without Wendy?



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