After Wendy Williams made it public about currently living in a sober house, more bad news about Hubby Kevin Hunter. Pictures were leaked of Kevin and his mistress at a beach sipping drinks. Whats really messed up is his mistress was taking selfies which makes a lot of people believe that she put the pictures out. Wendy is dealing with health issues on top of an addiction. My prayers are going out to her because news like that could really take her over the top. She also spoke on her cocaine addiction in the past that she was grateful to overcome. Wendy has been dealing with the allegations of her husband cheating but was willing and determined to make her marriage work.  Many people are stating on social media that the infidelity of her husband has been the reason for the decline in her health.  Even though some feel this is karma for the way Wendy has treated people through out the years of her career, we all would like for her to make a full recovery. Praying for you Wendy.