Viola Davis Regrets Her Role in ‘The Help’

During a Q & A with readers of the New York Times Viola Davis said that she wasn’t satisfied with her role as Aibileen Clark in ‘The Help.’

“Have I ever done roles I regretted? I have, and The Help is on that list,” Viola said to the New York Times.

The reason for her regret is that she believed that the movie didn’t truly give a voice to her character or the other black women in the story.

The success of the film put Davis in the national spotlight and got her an Oscar nomination. Octavia Spencer got the award for Best Supporting Actress from the film, but Davis lost to Meryl Streep.

Do you feel the same as Davis about her thoughts on ‘The Help?’ Do you have any regrets in life?

Davis also stars in the upcoming Widows movie.



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