Tyra Banks: ‘It Hurts My Feelings That People Think I Was Hired at DWTS Because I’m a Black Woman’

Tyra Banks says she is hurt that people think she was hired to host the beauty competition because she’s a black woman.

Tyra, who hosted several seasons of America’s Top Model, knows she can do the job and she’ll prove it as she juggles both hosting and executive producing for Dancing With The Stars.

Tyra says she isn’t trying to change the show and has a huge amount of respect for the show’s host Tom Bergeron. Tyra says, “Executive producer, Andrew Llinares, does the lion’s share of the heavy-lift of DWTS, and I’m not going to take undue credit. Yes, I’m an executive producer, and yes, I have the ability to make certain decisions, but a lot of the time I’m deferring to Andrew out of respect for a show that’s super successful. I’m really just bringing in different elements to do some updates.”

Tyra pledges that the upcoming season of DWTS will be, “flashy, [and] we’ve got to stand out because there’s so much good TV right now. We have to be unafraid.”

Will you be watching Tyra on this season of Dancing With The Stars?

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