During the VP debate on Wednesday, the feeling was tamer than with the first presidential debate. Both Kamala Harris and Mike Pence were audibly comprehensive.
The debate, although a little boring, did hit on some important points with Kamala attacking the current administration’s reaction to climate change, social injustices, and foreign policy.

Pence, avoided questions and like the previous debate, interrupted a lot, but to break up the monotony a fly settled on top of Pence’s head and immediately started trending on social media and as the debate was wrapping up had already had a Twitter account with 14,000 followers.

The uninvited guest sat in Pence’s hair for a remarkable two minutes and seemed to be stuck. It definitely gave viewers a much-needed distraction as well as something eventful to talk about around the water cooler today.

What did you think when you saw the fly land on Mike Pence’s head?

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