Last night Tamar Braxton hit the station with attitude. She came out with long luxurious hair while she danced, dropped down and even crawled on the floor. The Tamartians screamed for her the entire concert. Even though Tamar has picked up a few pounds, her fans seemed to love it. She told some of her life stories from her heart break with ex husband Vince, to her stories about her happiness with her new man. Tamar got emotional and caught up after talking about the son MY MAN. The song about a women stealing her man, that’s when she went all in. She fell to her knees singing about how she could not believe that that woman stole her man. Tamar stood to finish the song and that’s when she snatched the wig off!!! The audience stood to their feet with applause. She stated that she is real in everything she does, even letting people see the NEW Tamar flaws and all! She was definitely a hit!!