Stevie Wonder: Celebrating a True Genius

Stevie Wonder: Celebrating a True Genius

Happy Birthday to Stevie Wonder who turns 70 years old today! (March 13)

Stevie’s music is as important as music itself is. So as we celebrate one of music’s most prolific artists on his birthday, here’s some of the best Stevie Wonder songs of all time.

“I Just Called To Say ‘I Love You’” is one of the most loveable love songs. And if you thought Ed Sheeran was to thank for “Master Blaster (Jammin’)” sorry, the Reggae hit was done by Wonder in honor of Bob Marley.

You may have thought that “Isn’t She Lovely” was about a beautiful woman, you’d be sadly mistaken, it’s about Stevie Wonder’s daughter. The Motown hit, “For Once In My Life” was redone by Wonder who made it better…much better.

Wonder’s album, “Songs From The Key of Life” is a whole mood, give it a listen today to hear Stevie Wonder is all of his soulful glory. Happy Birthday Stevie!

What is your favorite Stevie Wonder song?

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