Snoop Dogg Sues Walmart For Sabotaging Cereal Brand By Hiding It In Storage Rooms

Snoop Dogg and Master P have filed a lawsuit against Walmart and Post Foods over Snoop Cereal Tuesday, alleging “deceptive practice” of hiding their products from consumers. According to a statement by the duo’s lawyer, Snoop Cereal, was “intentionally kept in the stockrooms of Walmart stores, marked with ‘no location’ coding, preventing them from being placed on the store shelves.” “At dozens of Walmart’s, all around America … everybody went saying, ‘Where’s Snoop Cereal?'” Attorney Ben Crump said. He also pointed out instances in which Snoop’s cereal varieties, such as “Fruity Hoopz” and “Cinnamon Toastees,” “The lawsuit claims that Post breached its agreements with Broadus Foods and acted negligently. It also accuses Walmart of interfering with Post’s scheme and both companies of engaging in a civil conspiracy.”

Did you try Snoop’s cereal? Do you think they have a case?