Snoop Dogg Rips NYPD For Profiling

Snoop Dogg wasn’t happy about getting pulled over while in New York, the legendary rapper took to Instagram to complain, as he sat in the back of his Sprinter while the driver answered the officer’s questions.

Asking homegirl the gang of questions,” Snoop told one of the passengers, “We all got seatbelts and s___ back here, cuz, what the f___ is he looking at?”

Snoop posted a second video to complain about the system, “Why is it always some muthafu____ that ain’t from America that’s some sort of kind police officer or pull-you-over kind of n___?” Snoop asked. “N____ your registration and paperwork ain’t even together mutha_____.”

Before Snoop ended the video he warned his followers to keep a lawyer close and to make sure you have alibis because “they’re out to get you ass!”

Do you agree with Snoop’s complaints?

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