Sephora Has Apologized To SZA, Who Claimed She Was Accused Of Possibly Stealing At The Beauty Store

Earlier this week SZA tweeted about a Sephora in Calabasas accusing the singer of stealing.

Sephora has since apologized by issuing this statement directly to Sza via Twitter.

SZA was trying to get more Fenty makeup during the shopping trip, she’s a spokeswoman for Fenty, which is exclusively sold at Sephora.

What’s crazy is that SZA worked at Sephora prior to making it big as a singer, she also has an unreleased song entitled “Sephora” that she teased on social media on April 30th with the caption, ‘the irony.”

Have you ever felt uncomfortable while shopping, did you address it or never return to the store?

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