Return Of The Mack: Mark Morrison Helps Hometown

Mark Morrison’s Return Of The Mack put him on the map back in 1996. The song still thumps for a lot of people.

What is he up to now? He is trying to clean up the city he grew up in.

Morrison is from Leicester, England. Although he currently lives in Palm Beach, Florida, Morrison returned to Leicester to discuss how to limit knife crimes in the city. Morrison spent time in jail when he was younger and wants to give back to his hometown.

Morrison said, “I felt I needed to come back and do something for the city… Young black people are now endangered people in the city. These people look like me, they know me. People here look at me and think ‘we know him, we know he got stabbed, we know he went to prison, but we know he came out on top’… Everyone gets a second chance, it took me 20 years to get mine.”

His goal is for young people to “put down the knife and pick up a mic.”

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