Regina King Shares More On Her Grief Following Son’s Death In Emotional TV Interview

Recently, Regina King broke her silence following the tragic death of her son in an emotional interview with GMA. King said, “Oh wow. I’m a different person now than I was Jan. 19. Grief is a journey. I understand that.” She continued, “Grief is love that has no place to go. And that we all handle it differently. I know that it’s important to me to honor Ian in the totality of who he is, speak about him in the present because he is always with me and the joy and happiness that he gave all of us.” She added, “When it comes to depression, people expect it to look a certain way—they expect it to look heavy. To have to experience this and not be able to have the time to just sit with Ian’s choice, which I respect and understand… He didn’t want to be here anymore, and that’s a hard thing for other people to receive because they did not live our experience, did not live Ian’s journey.” King continued, “Sometimes, a lot of guilt comes over me. When a parent loses a child, you still wonder, ‘What could I have done so that wouldn’t have happened?’ I know that I share this grief with everyone, but no one else is Ian’s mom, you know? Only me. So it’s mine. And the sadness will never go away. It will always be with me.”

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