READ: Surviving Domestic Violence

Surviving Domestic Violence

A friend of mine shared her Domestic Violence story on social media. So very proud because I can relate. If you or someone you know is being abused call the police or the National Domestic Violence Hotline. There’s HOPE & HELP. 1-800-799-7233 | 1-800-787-3224 (TTY)

Firstly this is NOT a fund raiser attempt. I am taken care of by God the most high so I have NO worries. My daddy got me okay!? But you can share this podt cause that young lady needs to know God will keep her safe and mend her mind and heart. But you gotta give them to HIM. please do it. This is for that young lady going through. It wont always be like this young lady. God will handle what you cant. Im a living witness baby cakes. Give it to God. Get out that relationship with that monster. He DOESN'T love you. It's NOT your fault. Before you judge people based on vanity, think for a quick moment of the WHY… Meaning, people out here been through some stuff YOU personally couldn't take. For years I was so scared to really talk (right ME with the big mouth) out of fear what one of you may think when you see my missing teeth. The WHY: YEARS of domestic attacks on myself at the hands of a sick person. Punching in the mouth. Slapping in the mouth and face. Chipping teeth. Cracking teeth Taking kicks to the face while being knocked diwn from a punch ALL while holding my months old son. I had to protect my baby bacause there was no telling what may have happened to HIM. The abuser didn't care about either one of us but I would have and STILL would die protecting my baby. Puncture wound to the face resulting in tooth damage and 8 stitches which healed to my dimple. Crack the back of my head open while I gad a home client. Thrown and dragged. Held in a shed with a knife to the abusers chest threatening to make it look like it was murder. Health insurance wont pay cause I have too msny teeth left lol. It made me look at this small issue alot different. There is really someone who doesn't want to feel ugly so they wont talk. They wont laugh. Can't eat right ect. Nj says you can only have 4 teeth TOTAL to be ELIGIBLE for partials! Wow I pray for those with 5 teeth who cant get help. I said some of my testimony to say this, stop acting like you arent flawed. Stop looking down on people you know nothing about. Get your spirit right. Get your mind right. Dont look down at someone unless you're helping them up. #iloveGod @shamaraafia #oilyouredges #blessedhands

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