Niagara Falls Photo Reveals Why US Is Failing At Stopping Coronavirus

A photo taken by Reuters reveals how different Canada and the United States are dealing with the coronavirus.

Ferries traveling between the U.S. and Canada were pictured on Niagara Falls with Canada’s ferry traveling with six people on board versus the United States ferry carrying 230 passengers.

Both boats were adhering to local and government social distancing guidelines. New York has seen over 400,000 coronavirus cases and a death toll of over 32,000 deaths while Ontario has had 38,000 cases with almost 3,000 of them being fatal.

University of Toronto infectious disease specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch says the two countries’ responses to the virus is, “like night and day.” and says he feels awful for the United States, “They’re our friends and our neighbors. And obviously, the epidemic is getting worse, not better.”

How do you think the United States response to the Coronavirus compares to other countries?

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