Mike Tyson Says He Was Drunk And High When He Filmed “The Hangover”

Mike Tyson’s cameo in The Hangover was memorable. Sadly, Mike doesn’t remember a lot about filming it.

In a conversation with Tony Robbins, Tyson said he met up with the cast at a club that he used to go to.

Tyson said, “So I went in there, I’m checking these guys to see what they’re doing in my section. It was Zach (Galifianakis), the other guy. And he said, ‘We’re going to be in a movie with you’ and I said, ‘Yeah? When?’ And he said, ‘Tomorrow.’”

Tyson continued, “And I didn’t know as I was drinking and smoking back then, doing drugs so I didn’t know I was involved in the movie. So eventually I had to go and do the movie and it was a success.” Tyson also said he looked like a “pig” while shooting the scenes.

What was your worst Hangover moment?

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