Michelle Obama’s look was arguably one of the highlights of the Inauguration.

Everything from her outfit to her hair was discussed online, and now her hairstylist is revealing how it was done.

Yene Damtew says that for the look, she had to use several tools and products. She said, “I started with creating curls with a one-inch barrel iron. Yes, you can achieve bigger curls with a smaller barrel! Next, we did a curl set to lock in the curls.”

She added, “Then I used a round brush to create body and “soften” the curls. I fished it off with a feather comb for some volume and then hair spray so it would hold.”

Yene Damtew also said that she’s been working with Michelle for a little over a year and mainly worked with her girls and her mother before signing on to be Michelle’s stylist full-time.

Do you think you could recreate Michelle’s look at home?

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