Michael Jackson Biopic Team Touts ‘Unbiased’ Look at Pop Star; ‘Leaving Neverland’ Director Calls Script Draft ‘Startlingly Disingenuous’

At the Vanity Fair Oscars party, actor Miles Teller expressed his excitement about his role in the upcoming Michael Jackson biopic, “Michael.” Teller will portray John Branca, Jackson’s former manager and current estate co-executor. Despite considering the allegations against Jackson, Teller is thrilled to be part of the film and believes it will impress audiences. Each press release promises a “riveting and honest portrait of the brilliant yet complicated man” that will show Jackson’s “undeniable creative genius” and “human side and personal struggles.” Dan Reed, director of the 2019 documentary series “Leaving Neverland,” read the “Michael” screenplay, which he finds “startlingly disingenuous” for disproving Robson and Safechuck’s claim that Jackson was a pedophile.

Do you think Michael Jackson’s allegations of sexual assault should be part of the biopic?