Master P Family Member Lashes Out

Master P had a very long social media weekend.

He posted and deleted a few videos.

It started on Friday night when he went at Monica and questioned her motives for helping his brother C-Murder.

Even put her on blast questioning how she held C-Murder down while she was married; then he apologized.

Then he appeared to call out C-Murder for referring to Monica and Kim Kardashian as his angels when P said it was their grandmother who put her home up for C-Murder one of the times he got out of jail.

Master P said he has spent a lot of money and time on C-Murder’s case and it has not been appreciated.
Or has he?

A family member popped up on social media and said Master P has not been helping the way he says he has.

The family member stated they had to sell socks to help C-Murder.

They said Master P’s own father needs eye surgery and P won’t pay for it.

Master P posted a picture of an ATM and said the ATM is closed.

All of this played out on social media.

Have you ever had a family member air family business out on social media?

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