Mase Returns With Apparent Diddy Diss Track

DJ Prince Ice is going to have to give us a Bunch of Bad Boy Mixes this week on the Big DM

Mase dropped a new song called, Oracle 2: Standing on Bodies.

It appears it is the sequel to his 2017 Cam’ron diss The Oracle.

Mase does not name anyone specifically but it appears to be directed toward Diddy.

One line appears to take a shot at Diddy and his relationship with Biggie’s mom.

You just a n— who know how to market death/Go pay his mother what she really worth n—

Another line seems to reference Diddy’s name change.

Since Cain killed Abel, I’m able to kill Cain/Love don’t steal, my n–, change your name.

Mase has been trying to get his publishing back and attempted to buy it back for $2 million-unsuccessfully.

Do you think the song is about Diddy?