Ma$e Shares His Opinion On 1st Female NBA Coach

Recently, Ma$e opened up about how he feels about a potential female NBA coach, and he isn’t a fan of the idea. Ma$e said on It Is What It Is, “This is an interesting topic. It seem like this is a growing mindset that I see as society evolves. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad this, but you are asking me the question. I’m never really in favor of — this might be a whirlwind of a statement — I’m never in favor of women leading men, it don’t matter what it is.” He continued, “I was just brought up traditionally, just like with values that [have] been very instilled in me and I try to stick to those values. I think she could do a great job, not that she’s not capable of it; I just don’t think women are supposed to be leading men.”

Why do you disagree with Ma$e’s opinion on this?