Kurupt Says 2Pac Getting Killed Was Why He Left Death Row

Kurupt has revealed that 2Pac‘s death served as proof that the Death Row Records environment was too dangerous — and the reason he decided to leave the label. In a new interview with The Art Of Dialogue, the Dogg Pound rapper shared that, by the time he followed Dr. Dre‘s lead and requested to be let out of his contract, all of Death Row’s artists had become weary of how much life at the label mirrored street life. “Everywhere we was going we had to keep our eyes open, 10 toes on the ground,” he recalled. “We had to stay heated and make sure that we protected ourselves. And then to go to Death Row and feel the same way as when we in the streets: we all kinda got burnt on that.” He simply couldn’t get past the fact that not even Suge Knight‘s presence could assure their safety. “We all was a little tired of walking on eggshells,” Kurupt continued. “Because if we gon be here and it feels the same way as being on the streets, then what’s the difference? If a n–ga gotta come to the studio heated, what’s the difference.”

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