Kevin Hart’s Sweet Message To Traci Braxton

Again The Big DM is sending our deepest condolences to the Braxton family during this difficult time.

Toni Braxton has shared the touching message Kevin Hart sent to sister Traci before she died.

In it, he said, “Hey! This message is for Traci. I was just made aware that you are a fan and how long you’ve been a fan. And I am now aware of the love that you have given me, and I just want to take the time to give you that love back and tell you that you are loved in return for the love that you have given.”

He continued with, “I want to tell you that my prayers are with you. I want to tell you to be strong, I want to tell you to stay positive, and I want to tell you that you have an amazing family and support system around you that are doing their best to just try to keep you positive, uplift you in every way possible.”

What is a special moment you shared with someone before they died?