Kel Mitchell’s Daughter Begs Actor To Back Off Her Mother

After Kel Mitchell’s comments on Club Shay Shay, his ex-wife came forward to call him out on his lies, and now, his daughter his begging for him to stop talking about her mother. Allure said, “Dad I honestly don’t understand why you keep putting this out here when I’ve told you how men I have been contacting me calling me a slut cause of my mother.” She continued, “I am your daughter. And as a woman, I am so disappointed in you. I’d choose a bear over a man.” She added, “My stepdad didn’t change our names to hide us away from you, we’ve talked about this and you know why it was because my mom never wanted my little siblings to feel different than us. I begged to take over my stepdad’s last name. He made it a cute ceremonial thing because it was him accepting me as his DAUGHTER.” Allure continued, “You got my brother and I tested to see if we were yours while the dad who stepped up took over the role you let go. Please speak the truth.”

Have you ever disappointed your child? How did you disappoint him or her?