Jermaine Dupri Denies Jay-Z Told Him To Turn Down NFL Deal

In the ongoing debate over JAY-Z’s deal with the NFL, Jermaine Dupri spoke with Big Tigger about the conversation he had with JAY about his working with the NFL.

Dupri made it clear that JAY-Z never called him and told him not to work with the NFL. “He and I never had a conversation where he told me, ‘don’t do what you’re doing.’ What our conversation was… ‘you know what side I’m on, I understand what you’re doing.’ That’s what the conversation was,” Dupri explained.

Previously, producer Bryan Michael-Cox and Funk Master Flex said that JAY-Z told Jermaine Dupri not to work with the NFL, but as JD explains, he never did any events with the Superbowl, but he did throw free shows prior to the Superbowl at Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park, which was an NFL sanctioned event.

Has your position changed regarding JAY-Z’s NFL deal since the initial announcement? If so, what has made you change your mind?

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