Jeezy Reveals Tupac’s Impact On His Youth, Calls His Albums “My Bible”

Jeezy claims that Tupac’s music played a significant role in teaching him how to “survive and navigate through the streets” when he was a young boy. “Every morning before school, I listened to all Master P, 8Ball, MJG, but my favorite was Tupac,” Jeezy recalled during his “Drink Champs” interview. Jeezy explained, “I listened to Tupac as if that was my Bible. How to move how to handle situations, and it was embedded in me. He was a revolutionary before I knew what that was. He actually had—he stood for something. And he would take those risks when everybody around me was so used to how they was livin’ that they didn’t want to try to live any better.”  Which artists did you listen to as a kid that shaped who you are?