Janet Jackson Says Michael Jackson’s Record Company Tried To Keep Them Apart While Filming The ‘Scream’ Music Video

There is a lot to unpack after the airing of Janet Jackson’s A&E documentary. The singer spoke about her marriage to James DeBarge, the alleged “secret baby,” and her relationship with her brother, Michael.

Janet says her relationship with Michael, “shifted” after his huge “Thriller” album. Things got even harder during his child molestation allegations when Janet tried to support him by starring alongside him in the “Scream” video.

Janet says Michael’s record company kept them apart, “Michael shot nights. I shot days. His record company would block off his set so that I couldn’t see what was going on. They didn’t want me on set,” Janet said. “I felt like they were trying to make it very competitive between the two of us.”

The singer went on to say, “That really hurt me because I felt I was there fighting the fight with him, not to battle him. I wanted it to feel like old times between he and I, and it didn’t. Old times had long passed,” says Janet.

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Black Twitter is Upset That Jermaine Dupri Cheated on Janet Jackson

Black Twitter is not happy with Jermaine Dupri right now.

This comes after he admitted to cheating on Janet Jackson.

He said in her doc, “One of the weird things is that dating Janet attracts other women. Girls wanted to talk to me more because I was dating her…and I’m a man.”

Afterward, Twitter went off.

One person wrote, “Jermaine Dupri had Janet Jackson wanting to marry his lil Smurf self and was willing to give him multiple babies, and he blew it by cheating on her?!”

Another said, “Jermaine Dupri really F’d up the entire damn bag, future, life with Janet Jackson. The nerve of that Oompa-Loompa….”

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Janet Jackson is Good Friends With Justin Timberlake After Super Bowl Scandal

Janet Jackson has broken her silence about the Justin Timberlake Super Bowl incident and says they have moved on and are in a good place.

She said in her documentary, “Honestly, this whole thing was blown way out of proportion. And, of course, it was an accident that should not have happened, but everyone is looking for someone to blame, and that’s gotta stop. Justin and I are very good friends, and we will always be very good friends.”

She added that she just spoke with him a week ago and said that they both “have moved on, and it’s time for everyone else to do the same.”

And that’s that.

Do you think the pair are really good pals, or was Janet being polite?


Janet Jackson Opens Up About A ‘Secret Baby’ With James Debarge In The 1980s

In Janet Jackson’s upcoming documentary she addresses the rumor about her having a baby with James DeBarge in the ‘80s.

Jackson says she could never have a secret baby and keep it away from James, “that would not be right,” says the singer. She admits to putting on weight after taking birth control pills.

“A lot of the kids thought I was pregnant ‘cause I had gained weight and was taking birth control pills,” Janet explained.

Janet and James Debarge eloped in 1984 when she was 18-years-old, the marriage was annulled due to his frequent drug use. She describes DeBarge as “a sweet guy.”

Janet’s documentary airs on Friday (January 28) on Lifetime and A&E. Have you believed Janet had a secret love child all this time?