#ICYMI Mom’s Viral Workout Video Inspires Millions

What an inspiration! A mother has gone viral for her workout videos. Her goal is to lose 451lbs

Leneathra Reed said she gained her weight over the course of 12 years. During breast reduction surgery her lungs collapsed. The combination of the steroids they placed her on and an unhealthy lifestyle contributed to her weight gain.

She said she wants to lose the weight so she can get on the floor and play with her two year old daughter. She said she has difficulty doing simple tasks like bathing her daughter.

She said when she went to see the movie Black Panther, they had to place a chair for her in the handicapped section and she was both ashamed and embarrassed.

In November she was introduced to an owner/trainer of a gym who has been helping her take it one day at a time.

In November, her trainer posted one of her workouts and it went viral.

The video has been viewed 52 million times and received 97,000 comments.

She said while she was afraid to put herself out there on social media, the support and feedback has been all positive.

How are you doing with your weight loss journey?



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