Ice Cube Accuses NBA & ESPN Of Trying To ‘Destroy’ BIG3 Basketball League

Ice Cube accuses the NBA and ESPN of destroying his BIG3 league. Stephen Jackson, an NBA veteran-turned-podcast presenter, encouraged supporters to support the league ahead of its sixth season. Cube reposted Jackson’s call for more support of the BIG3 with his own statement, which read, “Appreciate you @DaTrillStak5. We definitely need everybody’s support. The @nba and @espn are doing everything in their powers to ignore or destroy @thebig3”. Cube didn’t offer any additional details but addressed the situation back in 2020 with the NBA changing the format of the NBA All-Star game. “The NBA hasn’t been the nicest to the BIG3,” Cube told Basketball News. “Of course, publicly, they say all the right words. But we know privately, there’s things done behind the scenes [with] sponsors, broadcasters, blah blah blah… It did tarnish my fandom a bit.” Do you think the NBA feels threatened by the BIG3 and could there be competition recruiting new talent? Are you a BIG3 fan? What do you like about the league?