Elizabeth Warren made it official at the end of 2018, announcing an exploratory committee for a 2020 run for the Democratic Party presidential nomination.

On Thursday, January 24 Senator Warren stopped by The Big DM studios to chat with Cynthia Hardy and Shamara about her exploratory campaign.

Cynthia Hardy welcomed Senator Warren to the show and immediately asked what she stood for. The conversation involved listener questions from social media with high anticipation for the senator’s response.

On Systematic change….

“So long as the giant corporations, so long as the billionaires are calling the shots. Yea we fix a little piece here and a little piece over there but you don’t get the kind of systematic change that we’ve got to make in order to give all of our families a fighting chance to build a future.”

Listeners posted questions to social media for Senator Warren to answer.

Denise Bradley of South Carolina – “If in fact the democrats get back in the White House next year, will there have to be a period of time when some clean up has to be done.” 

Tia Brannon of South Carolina“What policies or what will you put in place in order to keep up morale up of folks when we see what’s happening with the federal government and even other disasters….” 

Shamara“Some Americans believe lobbyists and no term limits for Congress are ruining the country. What are your thoughts on that”

Locally, Columbia is going through it’s own housing crisis and Cynthia was quick to see how the senator would address the 400 displaced citizens. The senator discussed her housing bill.

Cynthia shouts out Senator Wendy Brawley for her proposed equal pay bill and wants to know Senator Warren’s thoughts.

Shamara “What organizations are most enthusiastic in having you as the next president.” 

Cynthia chats with Senator Warren about her move from being a private citizen to playing a bigger role in congress. Senator Warren makes it known that she’s not a fan of the banking industry’s philosophy and specifically Wells Fargo.
“They build a business model out of cheating their own customers. they look at live human beings and say if I can just nick a little off you here or scrape a little off you there I can improve my profitability and boost my stock price”

Before leaving the studio, Cynthia asked Senator Warren, “why her.” Cynthia also shouted out to teachers across the country and of course the senator loved that!

I’m here today because I believe we’re running out of time in this country, but I’m also an optimist. I believe in what we can do together.” Senator Elizabeth Warren




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