Here’s How Much Money The Social Media Hype Over Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich Earned

Just how much did fans love that chicken from Popeyes? Thanks to all the social media hype over their new sandwich, the Louisana Fresh fast-food restaurant earned a ton of money.

The internet started taking sides when it came to which chain had the best fried chicken sandwich, starting with Popeyes’ announcement earlier this month.

With comments, memes, and videos making the rounds, many of the restaurants couldn’t keep up with demand. Some limited orders, while others were completely sold out.

The Apex Marketing Group reveals that Popeyes has taken in $23.25 million in equivalent ad value from media mentions over the last two weeks, thanks to the new dish.

Did you fall into the hype over this new sandwich? Which other foods are worthy of championing on social media?

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