Here Are Some Of The Best Travel Apps For 2020

I needed this when my mom, daughter and I went to Europe back in November. Who knew these apps existed…….

Shamara, Shamara’s Daughter – Imani and Mom Joyce

Mashable has listed some of the best apps for traveling this year. If you are getting ready for spring break or a summer vacation, you might want to download some or all of them.

For planning what to wear on your trip, try PackPoint. It will give you customized lists based upon the weather forecast of your destination.

If you will need to recover from jetlag, check out Timeshifter. Scientists developed this app to tell you the best time to not drink caffeine or be exposed to light. It also lets you know when you should take a nap.

Trail Wallet will help you manage your money while you vacation. EatWith will help you find a truly local eating experience in your location.


What is the best travel app for you?

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