Halle Berry Says She ‘Loves’ Being Mentioned in Rap Songs

Halle Berry took some time to answer a fan’s Twitter question on Wednesday (June 9). @rickeviusj asked the movie star how she felt about being mentioned in “damn near every rap song.” “I love it,” Berry responded. Besides rap songs, Berry was also mentioned by Rams quarterback Jared Goff when calling an audible. At the time Berry tweeted Goff asking, “what is a “Halle Berry?” (thinking emoji, laughing crying emoji). Berry also shared a video from her appearance on Hot Ones where she was asked about songs that mention her and she said she looked at the songs like her children. “There’s no way I could pick one. I love all these artists. I’m always flattered when any one of them includes me, and that they still remember me, or even know who I am. So, to pick one would be like picking my daughter over my son. I love them all,” said Berry. What is your favorite song that mentions Halle Berry?