Erykah Badu Doesn’t Miss Touring: ‘I’m the Laziest Artist Probably in Dallas’

Erykah Badu was recently interviewed by the New York Times.

Erykah, who tours 8 months out of the year, was asked about the experience of performing at Dave Chappelle’s home recently.

She said the moment did make her miss touring but she admits she is lazy.

I’m the laziest artist probably in Dallas.

She doesn’t like the process of moving around, the luggage, the car, what’s the password? The internet.

She likes connecting with the audience but it’s the stuff in and around that she seems to not like.

Which is why she is enjoying her quarantine time and the interactive event she created from her home titled, The Quarantine Concert Series: Apocalypse, Live from Badubotron.

What is something you are good at doing but you are lazy about doing it?

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