Doctor Calls Out American Airlines for Racist Move

The Houston doctor who was threatened to be thrown off a flight if she didn’t “cover up” is telling American Airlines officials where they can stick their apology.

Dr. Tisha Rowe and her son were waiting to take off on a flight from Jamaica to Miami when a flight attendant escorted her off the plane and told her she’d have to “cover up” if she wanted to get back on. Rowe ended up flying home wrapped in a blanket. Although American Airlines has since apologized, Rowe — who believes she was singled out because she’s black — says she wants answers.

“There were definitely other passengers on the flight wearing tropical attire, short shorts,” Rowe said in a Thursday appearance on Good Morning America. “One was also a mother also traveling with a child, and she said, ‘No way! Well, your shorts are longer than mine and nobody has said anything to me!'” Rowe’s message to the airlines: “If you are going to have a dress code, it should be applied equally to every person, to every shape, to every race.”

Have you ever felt “singled out?” What’s most inappropriate outfit you’ve seen someone wear?

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