Did OJ confess?

** FILE ** In this Oct. 3, 1995 picture, O.J. Simpson reacts as he is found not guilty of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman at the Criminal Courts Building in Los Angeles. At left is defense lawyer F. Lee Bailey and at right, defense attorney Johnnie Cochran Jr. Defense attorney Robert Shapiro is in profile behind them. Simpson was convicted of an armed robbery that happened on Sept. 13, 2007 and was found guilty on the 13th anniversary of his Los Angeles murder acquittal. The Las Vegas jury deliberated for 13 hours after a 13-day trial. (AP Photo/Pool, Myung J. Chun)

After watching the “lost” interview with OJ Simpson that aired Sunday on Fox everybody is questioning if he actually confessed to the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman.  Social media really went in hard with the hashtag #DIDOJCONFESS

Did OJ confess to the murders?

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