Daughter Of ‘Good Times’ Star John Amos Excluded From Her Father’s New Docuseries

Reportedly, John Amos, who starred in Good Times, recently shared that he has a new docuseries with his son about uniting families. Amos said, “It covers my career, his career, and our joint careers. And it’s something that I think every father and son will want to see.” He added, “Having my own son working with me as a filmmaker. It’s a blessing because we can capture these moments of inspiration as they come to us and share them with those young men and even older men who are willing to hear and watch it because they’ll see a little bit of themselves in our relationship.’ Amos’ daughter, Shannon, is not featured in this new series and she has not shared her opinion after being called out for trying to use John’s health to raise money through GoFundMe.

Do your parents treat you differently than your other siblings? How do they treat you differently?